Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pre-Turkey Day Mail!

A few weeks ago, I worked on selling a variety of items, such as legos, cards, and a few other things. I made quite a bit from selling items that I no longer wanted, so why not go on a little spree? I won the following card for $38, which I was very happy with. Could the player have been a little better? Sure, but at 23 years old, Archie Bradley still has time to prove himself.

One thing that Panini does, that Topps doesn't, is put out unique cards, such as cleats, gloves, and other one of a kind pieces. 2015 Immaculate was FULL of awesome cards! I have never owned one of these cards until now, and they're awesome looking. The card itself is about as thick as my iPhone, which makes it hard to store, and I'll probably have to get the largest size magnetic for it. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Bradley, I will most likely be holding onto this card, just for it's uniqueness! Who knows, maybe Archie Bradley will show off his first round pick potential next year! 
Thank you for reading!


  1. That card is AWESOME! I'm biased because I'm a D-Backs fan, but that card is amazing! Bradley is a really good young pitcher. He got hit in the face with a line drive last season and wasn't the same after returning. Hopefully after the off season he'll come back to his former pitching self.

  2. Bradley is a very promising young pitcher.. I'd hold onto that if I were you, also. Nice score!