Friday, November 13, 2015

First Part Of An Awful BGS Submission

It's been too long since i've written a post, but it's been for a good reason at least. I've been working on getting into a good high school, and keeping my grades up. Before I get into cards, thank you to Matthew for the BGS submission, it is much appreciated!

A few weeks ago, I sent Matthew about 15 cards to be graded. Just yesterday, I got the cards back from Matthew, in a very well packed package. The grades were definitely not what I expected, as I only had one 9.5/10, and a few 6.5's. I'll be showing the two 6.5's that I received, so I can get those out of the way, and move onto something more positive.

BGS 6.5/10
Here's the most disappointing card of the submission. An Ernie Banks 2011 Topps Tribute autograph. All the sub grades managed an 8.5 or higher, except the corners got a 6. Hm. The corners definitely weren't perfect, but did they really have to get a 6?

BGS 6.5/10
The other card that gave me a surprise was this John Smoltz 2014 topps five star autograph. The grader must have been a corner killer, because the corners on this card received a 6 as well. The surface earned an 8, and the rest was a 9 or higher. Looks like it's time to go hunting for another Smoltz autograph!
Thank you for reading!

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