Friday, November 27, 2015

Instead Of Going Out And Shopping, I Waited For The Mailman To Come To Me...

I knew I had a crazy amount of packages coming in, so why go black friday shopping when the mailman can do the hard work for you? I had a few packages come in prior to Thanksgiving, and a few more come in today. 

I purchased this card for $6 from someone on blowout cards forums, and even though it's from panini, I still decided to spend a few dollars on this card. While I think Panini puts out many awful products, I love the design of this card, and I think Panini did a great job on 2015 immaculate. Now that Nolan Arenado is a superstar, and hits 40+ home runs, I'm hoping he has an autograph in a future Topps product.

I spent exactly $1 on this card. A refractor from 2015 Topps chrome! I'm hoping to pick up some more Arenado cards over the next few months, so I've added quite a few cards to my cart on sports lots. 
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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