Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting Higher!

The last time I submitted cards to BGS, I received only one 8.5, and the other 15 cards or so were 9 or higher. This time, I received only two 9.5's, a few 9's, and the rest 8.5 or below. In this post, i'll be, "showing off," the two 8's that I got. 

I definitely didn't expect this card to get an 8/10, but one bad sub grade will kill the overall grade. In this case, it wasn't the corners, but the surface that helped dropped the grade a few points.  Like the other lower grades from this submission, I'll probably be looking to sell this, and pick up a better Urias autograph. Oh well.

Another sweet spot autograph, so I didn't expect much. I'm surprised that it did better than the Smoltz and Banks, but 8 still isn't pretty. I already sold this card, to put towards a better Gwynn! The grades can only get better from here, so next up is the 8.5's.
Thank you for reading!

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