Sunday, May 1, 2016

Overdosing On Arenado

Since I never seem to find the time, I might as well knock out 4 posts in one post; a trade post, and three BGS posts, all of the one and only Nolan Arenado. At 25 years of age, Arenado has already compiled 3 gold glove awards, a silver slugger award, and has been elected to an all star game. 23 games into the season he already has 10 home runs. And if my algebra 1 skills are correct, he is on pace for 70 home runs this year... Yes, 70. Although it's unlikely that he hits 70 this year, I do think he'll hit over 45, and possibly (hopefully) come close to 60. His prices have slowly been going up, and since I have no plans on selling the cards I have of him, it has been pretty expensive. It's always nice when the player you collect is cheap, but unfortunately that isn't the case with Arenado! 

I picked this up in a trade with my friend Robert, who actually lives very close to me. Unfortunately  I had to send away my Koufax, but I did get this awesome Arenado platinum /25 in return. I got another card to go along with the Arenado, but that was quickly sold to help fund for my next Arenado.

The next few Arenado's in this post are all from my most recent BGS submission, and I thought I'd get the "worst" one out of the way first. This was the second to worst grade of the submission, but as you can tell it really isn't all that bad. I paid $45 for this card as a redemption, which was probably the best deal I got at The National. I remember when I used to get sterling base autographs for $5... I liked those days a lot better!

The second Arenado of the submission was this gold sterling /50! This one came sealed from Topps so I had high hopes of this one grading a 9.5/10. The gold looks really nice with the gold label, and I'm really happy to add this one to my Nolan Arenado collection!

This last one is a green parallel /125 from topps finest, also a 9.5/10! Arenado hasn't signed a card since 2013, so it looks like I'll be stuck collecting all of his rookie autographs or older relic cards unless he starts signing for Topps or Panini again, which I'm hoping he does. As of now I'm really enjoying watching Arenado hit a home run every other game. It's not too fun watching the Yankees lose almost every game...
Thank you for reading!

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