Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Never Ending Cycle Of Unwanted Cards

There are cards that stay in my collection and then there's that batch of cards that's always on the move. I usually don't post about that batch of cards since I only post about cards that stay in my collection. It's always difficult for me to sell cards, but I always seem to sell the cards that I get from selling unwanted cards. Maybe I do it because it gives me something to do, who knows...

This is the second Clint Frazier bowman chrome 9.5/10 autograph that I have owned, and just like the other one this one has been removed from my collection. I have no need for Clint Frazier, an Indians prospect, in my collection.

Here's another card that I don't plan on keeping, and I've already contacted Dodger Penguin for a possible trade. The card is numbered only /25, and it's from 2013 Bowman sterling which is his rookie year. Being a Yankees fan, I have no need for this card. If, by chance, I'm not able to sell or trade it I have no problem with keeping it!

The final card of this three card batch is this absolutely awesome Mike Trout supreme patch autograph /5! As you may have guessed, I already sold this card. What's better is that the card that I was able to pick up is even cooler. I will probably be showing off that card sometime tomorrow or Tuesday!
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