Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why Isn't Nolan Arenado NL Player Of The Month...?

Nolan Arenado leads the MLB in home runs, runs, RBI, and total bases... So why wasn't he NL player of the month? Don't get me wrong, Harper is a great player, but should he really have won player of the month over gold glove third baseman Nolan Arenado? It may be slightly biased since Nolan Arenado is my favorite player, but I think I have my point proven. The only thing that is holding Arenado back, is that he plays on a bad team and he also plays in Colorado. Who doesn't love a player leading the league in home runs and RBI's though?

I while back I was offered this card for $42. Why I didn't take it, I do not know. 6 months later, someone bought the card for $65 ($23 more than he was asking before), and then I was offered the card for a price slightly higher than which he bought it for. So instead of buying it for $42 6 months ago, I decided to wait 6 months and pay an extra $30. Oh well. At least the card is in my possession now! This 2012 Bowman Platinum patch autograph is numbered /50, and this is the first patch I own of Arenado. It is definitely a welcome addition to my Arenado collection!

This is another Arenado autograph that I didn't have in my collection, except this one is /75 from 2013 Bowman Sterling. I now have the base, /75, and /50 version of the 2013 Bowman Sterling autograph and hopefully I'll be able to add some more colors to my collection as time goes on!
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  1. Arenado has a good case. Harper had been slumping the last week and half too...

  2. Easy.... EAST... COAST.... BIAS....
    ala Kershaw in 2012... Dickey, Cy Young? Give me a break.