Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016 Topps Museum Collection Box Break - Are All Redemptions This Good?

This is my first look at this years museum collection, but it definitely isn't my first look at museum collection. Last year I broke a fair number of boxes of 2015 museum collection, and I thought I'd test my luck with this years museum collection for the first time. School baseball ended on Thursday, so now I don't have baseball everyday until 6:00. That leaves me with a ton of free time, probably too much to the point where I get bored. Anyways, yesterday I took a trip to the my local hobby shop for the first time in a very long time. The last box of cards I bought was back before the season even started in March, and I couldn't resist 2016 museum collection. The only thing that was turning me away from it was the price, but I bit the bullet.

I'll start off with the two parallels from the break. I personally don't like the look of the parallels, and I think if the color was all the way around the card it would look nicer. The little strip of green running across the card just doesn't do it for me. This one is of Bryce Harper though, so that's never a bad thing!

The other numbered parallel in the box was this Billy Hamilton green /199.

I might as well move on to my first hit of the box. The Boston Red Sox continue to show up in my boxes of cardboard... Maybe it's because I'm a Yankees fan. Not only does this feature ONE Red Sox player on the card, but FOUR! Red Sox for everybody!

I'm going to save my second hit for last, and show off my third hit. This triple relic autograph of Brock Holt! At least I can respect Holt.

My final hit was this awesome Hunter Pence patch /35! I've always respected Pence for the way he plays the game, and I'm glad to finally add something of Pence in my collection. I saved the best for last...

This Ken Griffey Jr canvas collection is definitely the nicest looking card of the box. Topps did a great job with the canvas collection cards, as always! Now onto the final card of the box...

Could it be of Dee Gordon? I don't think anybody would want his cards aside from a few Marlins fans,

What about triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera? One could only hope.

Or rookie phenom Miguel Sano?



Here it is


Sandy Koufax Archival Autograph Sepia Parallel Redemption /5! I'm still speechless that I pulled this, and I think this may be my best pull. Not my favorite, but definitely my best. It's a little disappointing that it's a redemption, but who am I to complain about the card? I'll most likely redeem it since it seems as if the regular Koufax archival autograph /25 are already live. As far as I know, the sepia parallels are stunning. If the card comes in time for the National(which I think it will) I'll be bringing it there. Otherwise, I'll be keeping the card. I have a feeling that once I have it in hand I won't want to let it go...!
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Good lord your box was a thousand times better than mine. I think I got the worst box of the entire print run. Congrats on the Koufax!!!