Sunday, April 3, 2016

The First Card Of My BGS Submission Plus A Gift

Fellow Blogger Matthew over at Dodger Penguin was kind enough to let me join his BGS submission once again. This time I only submitted 8 cards, but I made sure they were all worthy of BGS. I'll start with the worst grade, which was an 8.5. The second worst grade was a 9.5/9, which is much better than last time. Last time I got a couple 6.5's on cards that I thought earned a 9 or better. Maybe the grader was in a bad mood, or maybe he was just a Red Sox fan and he didn't like my cards.

I made a post about this card back in November, but this time it's slabbed an 8.5/10. I would've loved a 9 or 9.5, but since this card is locked in my collection the grade isn't a huge issue. It would have been nice if Reggie were in a Yankees or A's uniform, but Topps will continue to be Topps.

In addition to allowing me to join his BGS submission, Matthew also send me this awesome 2012 futures game team signed baseball! The four names that I know for sure that are on the ball are Christian Yelich, Nick Castellanos, Billy Hamilton. Nolan Arenado did play in the 2012 all star futures game, but I don't think he's on the ball. Thank you so much Matthew!
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