Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Mail!

I spent most of Thursday and Friday checking to see if I made the school baseball team, so I never did get a chance to show off my latest mail. I finally found out yesterday that I made the middle school baseball team so that was definitely a great way to start off spring break!

This is my third Aaron Judge bowman chrome autograph that I have in my collection, and I'm not quite sure why I have 3. I don't usually collect prospects, but Judge being the Yankees #1 prospect it's hard not to like him. He had a rough year in AAA last year and struggled during spring training this year, but he still has a very high ceiling. Hopefully he can produce once he gets called up to the majors!

A couple weeks ago I pulled a Luis Severino topps heritage black refractor /67, and I thought I would be holding onto it until I was offered this Didi Gregorius autograph /3 for it. This is my first Gregorius autograph, and it's even better when it's numbered only out of 3!

The final card that I acquired last week was this Ernie Banks finest greats autograph /99. As soon as I sold the five star autograph that I had, I knew I had to acquire another Banks autograph. I chose this finest greats to pair with the Lou Brock finest greats autograph that I have, and needless to say they look great together!
Thank you for reading!

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