Saturday, April 9, 2016

Three Legends On One Card

Being a Yankees fan, I started to collect Aaron Judge, and I was up to 4 bowman chrome autographs (all 9.5/10's). Someone offered me two Judge's plus a very small amount of paypal for a Bronx Legends triple threads relic card. The three players featured on the card were Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle... It doesn't get any better than that for a Yankees fan. I took him up on the offer and within a week the card was in my mailbox. I had a picture of the card prior to making the deal, but the card looks absolutely amazing in person. Behold...

Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle all on one card. I would love if Gehrig were on this card instead of DiMaggio, but either way it's an incredible card. I think it's safe to say that this card is my favorite in my collection, and this card will definitely be staying in my collection till the day I die.
Thank you for reading!