Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Nice Little Trade

I haven't made a trade on Instagram in a long time, and for good reasons too. But, I did happen to come across someone who had this museum collection quad and I made an attempt at a trade. Most people on Instagram are extremely difficult to trade with, so I usually just stick to forums, but this is one of the easiest deals I've made on there. I sent three cards over his way, while he sent over this card:

A quad patch from 2015 museum collection! This card features reigning AL MVP Josh Donaldson, along with a very strong candidate for the AL Cy Young award! Of course you can't forget about Norris, who was an all star a few years back, and Reddick who won a gold glove back in 2012! Not to mention this flawless moment from the 2014 season:

And that is why we all love baseball.
Thank you for reading!

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