Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage Box Break

I haven't done a box break in forever... Or at least it seems like forever; all I know is that it's been many months. So I took a trip to the hobby shop, and decided to test my luck on a box of the newly released 2016 Topps Heritage!

As always, heritage looks really nice. It's always tough to tell the difference between the action variations and the regular base cards, but I'm pretty sure this is just a regular base card of the 2015 rookie of the year.

Now here's the 2015 NL rookie of the year, Kris Bryant! The 2015 all star rookie trophy really makes the card in my opinion, along with the facsimile autograph which is always a cool addition to the card.

It's awesome to see Hicks in a Yankees uniform on a baseball card!

Tex has been featured a thousand times as a Yankee on a baseball card, so nothing too exciting there...

Gregorius had a terrible first half last year, but really picked it up after the all star break. Hopefully he can continue his second half play in 2016!

Now here is an action variation. It's awesome to pull one of a Yankee!

The double play duo of Castro and Gregorius should definitely be exciting to watch!

For the first 30 games of the season, Miller will most likely be the Yankees closer. After that, it will be Chapman!

And of course the manager Joe Girardi.

I have no idea what this is, but it's still an interesting insert...

Same with this one.

These Then and Now inserts are really cool.

Heritage has some of the best inserts (in my opinion) and the rookie stars insert is definitely one of my favorites.

I thought this card was worth noting, only because Nevin Ashley's wife's name is Ashley, so her full name is Ashley Ashley.

Heritage also has all 30 team cards, which most other sets do not have, so that's definitely an added bonus!

It's difficult to stay optimistic about the Rockies. At least they have Nolan Arenado...

And of course the 2015 World Champions. With all these neat looking insert sets, I think I may have to try and put together the set!

Out of all the inserts from 2016 Heritage, this is by far my favorite. Buxton didn't get much time in the big leagues in 2015, and the time that he did spend with the Twins he didn't do very well. Meanwhile, Sano managed to come in 3rd for AL rookie of the year.

Another really awesome picture, this time of Pence and Belt!

I guess Topps had a tough time coming up with one for the Phillies... So they had to include Howard who hit only .229 in 2015. Poor Phillies.

I'd have to guess that this picture is from the postseason last year, since Piscotty hit a ridiculous amount of home runs in the postseason.

After a terrific 2015 season, it was tough to watch the Pirates play one postseason game only to be eliminated. Maybe next year Pirates.

And of course the league leaders insert.

Nolan Arenado hit the most home runs in the NL (tied with Harper) but didn't even come close to NL MVP... It makes absolutely no sense.
These flashback inserts are pretty cool, but after all of the other inserts it makes this one seem useless.

This is when inserts become a little ridiculous. Almost 10 different inserts per box?!

This was my hit which I was a little disappointed with, but this time it wasn't the hit that made the break.


Luis Severino/Miguel Sano black chrome refractor /67!!! It's awesome to pull a Yankee and not a Red Sox player (which usually happens), and I'm more than happy about this pull! This is definitely a card that I'll be holding onto, and hopefully it'll be heading to BGS sometime soon.
Thank you for reading!