Saturday, September 27, 2014

Collecting Autographs of your favorite sports players

Through The Mail Autographs 

      For about a month now, I've been sending some of my favorite players baseball cards, index cards, 8x10 photos, and baseballs for them to sign. So far I've sent to, Paul O'Neil, Todd Fazier, Johnathon Lucroy, Wade Boggs, Jed Lowrie, and Clayton Kershaw. I know, i may never may get Kershaw, but for $1, its not bad. 

     I Haven't gotten any back, because it usually takes as long as two years, but that's not likely. It takes about a month maybe less maybe a little more. I recommend sending a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with the envelope, because it will increase your chances of getting the card back Signed. Here are some tips on how to collect TTM (through the mail) autographs.

1. write a short letter to the player, but don't make it to long. chances are they are very busy.
2. Always say please and thank you. you don't want the player to take it the wrong way when you send them a letter.
3. Don't be greedy and ask them to sign 7 cards. Limit it to two, but of course one is your best bet. I usually send one or two cards and an index card. I also ask them to inscribe it to me. 
4. Sometimes they ask for a small donation, whether its $5 or $10. Some players don't specify the amount, but don't be cheap and send $1, the minimum (I would say) is $5. 
5. Send a self addressed stamped envelope (if you really want the card back autographed) with the envelope.
6. Use this website to find the players success rate of sending the card back: SCF through the mail
(website is in pink its not a link just look it up safari or something the website helps A TON!!!!) so make sure you use this website!
7. Send the card and envolope and put the envelope in the mail!
8. BE PATIENT AND DO NOT SEND SOMETHING THAT YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE (just in case most likely you won't lose it)
     Some Baseball stars that i would recommend sending to are: Roger Clemens, Todd Frazier, Nolan Ryan, and Wade Boggs. Wade Boggs DOES charge a small $5 fee, but if you send him five cards to sign, he will sign them all. 

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