Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clayton Kershaw

The Best Pitcher In Baseball

     Clayton Kershaw is THE BEST pitcher in baseball. This guy can do anything, and already has one no-hitter. It was a perfect game, trust me, because if Hanley Ramirez didn't make that error, that would have been one of THE BEST games EVER pitched. My guess, is he will be better than Nolan Ryan, who has seven no hitters in his career. I don't think, he'll have seven no-hitters, but i bet he will have a perfect game and a couple of no-hitters... Throw in a dozen complete games too. Nolan Ryan has never thrown a perfect game OR has never won a CY Young award, and Kershaw is on his way to his third CY Young award. 
     Just wait another ten years and Clayton Kershaw will have ten total CY Young awards... i guarantee it will happen, just because there won't be another pitcher like Kershaw for a while. Maybe the Yankees will get him at the end of his career. With all the money... why not spend it on the best pitcher in baseball? At least the Dodgers have him and not the Red Sox and Orioles, that would be awful!  I just figured out how to post pictures, so I'm catching up!!!

Its Felix Doubront!!! Just kidding... Ive heard this Guy is a pretty good  player. Have no idea what his name is it's something like Kershaw. Im not sure not very familiar with this pitcher.

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