Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cano, trying to lead the Mariners to the Postseason

     I would LOVE to see the Mariners play in October. With all their young guys, they have a chance next year. Now, they need to win tonight, then win tomorrow, but the Athletics MUST lose tomorrow for the Mariners to force a tie breaker game. This game (I'm watching it right now) is 1-1 against the Angles. The Mariners tied it in the seventh... Now they need to win it! I hate games like these, its just like game 7 of the world series. 
Mike Zunino, a young catcher, and has been a BIG part of the Mariners success.

    There could be a game 163 Monday, if the Athletics lose tomorrow. The Mariners deserve the wins today and tomorrow! Make sure you watch the game tonight, and tomorrow, I Know I will!

I Miss this guy playing in the Bronx...


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