Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2015 Free Agents

     I'm a little bored, so i decided that i want to talk about some of the biggest free agents in the MLB this off-season. And of course some of the worse free agents. No pictures this time...

 Best Free Agents on the market

1. I would say Max Scherzer, but he doesn't have as much postseason experience. Its Jon Lester!!! He has pitched GREAT since he was traded to the Athletics and continues to dominate. He pitches the AL wildcard game today, no doubt that he will have a VERY strong start.

2. Future Yankee, Victor Martinez. Why a future yankee? he's 36 and the yankees LOVE signing mid 30's players. V-Mart has had an OUTSTANDING season, and if he played in the field, he would be AL MVP.  he's batting a solid .335 with 103 RBI. Oh, and his on base percentage? .409 which is a little less than half the time. 

3. Former Yankees catcher, Russel Martin! I hated him when he was on the Yankees, but know he's with the Pirates and batting just about .300. Great Defensive catcher, but he'll probably stay with the pirates. Enough said.

4. Last but not least, Max Scherzer! He'll be asking for some big bucks, but teams will pay, because this guy was the AL CY young award winner! In 2013 he scored a 2.90 ERA with 21 wins! Yes! Somebody go and get this guy, and i don't want him in the American League!

Worst Free Agents

1. The only one, Stephen Drew. Showing no signs of improvement, sent him back to Arizona. just take a look at his numbers, and Yankees fans, you know what i'm talking about.

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