Friday, July 24, 2015

The Kris Bryant Story Continues

I'm sure many of you remember the Kris Bryant redemption that I pulled back in June. After trying countless times to trade or sell it, I finally decided to redeem it, after the person that owns that sports card department at my local hobby shop, told me that someone got his in two weeks. So, I decided to redeem it, and this card came in:

It's a spectacular looking card, and my first thought was to grade it, because it looked flawless. Of course, I'm no professional grader... Well, I spent about $55, and sent it in for two day grading, so I would know the grade when I got back from camp. On Friday, my Boy Scout Troop had to leave a day early because of a sickness, and we were forced out of camp. I found out the grade on Friday night, just as I was getting home...

And I was shocked! I was really hoping for a 10/10, but I wasn't expecting it. It did not get a black label because of a 9.5 on the centering, but I'm definitely not complaining about not getting a black label. I'm going to the National in Chicago next week, so I'm hoping to sell it there, since the Cubs fans are crazy over Bryant. I definitely don't plan on keeping it, because I would much rather have a Hall Of Famer, over a rookie. 

Everything got a 10 except for the centering... Oh well! I've been thinking about a price for this card, and I think somewhere between $500-$650 would be a good estimate, since a 10/10 is about three times the card ungraded. The card sells around $200 as a redemption, and the only one live sold $275 on eBay. Any help on pricing is appreciated! 
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Wow. Good for you, Frankie. $500 - $650 is probably about right, assuming there is someone out there that is ready to pony up the dough. I expect that the National is the best place for you to sell it. Some of the big name vendors have sent out ads through the National's mailing list saying that they are buying at the convention - I would think you can get more from a private buyer than from one of those big vendors. You may need to be patient to get the higher end of the range.
    Best of luck!

  2. Like Brian said, stick to your guns. Have a price in mind and be patient. The National is probably the place to find someone. Congrats!

  3. Holy simoleons! Start higher than the price you have in mind and maybe you'll get even more for it than you expect. You might also look into selling to one of the high end repack companies like Super Break or Prospect Rush. I'm sure they'd love to get ahold of that card.