Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Awesome Gesture For A Damaged Card

A few weeks ago, I made a trade with someone on Instagram for a Mariano Rivera Leaf Q autograph /25 (The card is terrible looking), and a triple threads relic of Mantle, Yastrzemski, and Musial. I traded away a few of my cards, including the Stanton and quad patch, but I wasn't overly disappointed, since I was getting some cool cards in return. The cards were packaged really well, but as soon as I got to the actually cards in the package, there were a bunch of really bad scratches on the front of the Beckett case (graded 9.5/10 by the way) of the Rivera. I contacted him immediately, saying that the scratches were really bad, but he didn't want to trade back the cards I gave him, so he said he would send me this card in return:

I definitely collect more modern day cards, but this card is amazing. I started reading, "Baseball's flawed Genius," which is a biography on Billy Martin, and to have this card is amazing. What makes it even better, is he sent it to me without asking for anything in return, even though I eventually sent him so cards in return. Not to mention, the card is graded! Even though the trade was a little rough, the deal was smooth for the most part, and he was really easy to deal with. This card will be staying with me as long as I'm a Yankees fan!
Thank you for reading! 

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