Sunday, May 3, 2015

What Did I Do On This Friday Night?

I searched ebay for cards that I wished I had, while watching the Yankees crush the Red Sox. Well, coming into the 6th they were, now it's 8-5 Yankees. Anyways, to relieve the stress of watching Esmil Rogers, I thought I would show some of the cards that I wish I had:


This card is stunning, and I would love to have... Unfortunately, it's a tad expensive, and I just spent $200 on a BGS submission. Maybe I can have a nice dream about this card tonight, to wash away the nightmares of this nights Yankees game.


That's an amazing price for a card like that, and boy do I wish I had this McGwire autograph! Five star always looks amazing, and this card is no different. Hopefully this can be added into my dream tonight.


Only in my dreams...


I probably wouldn't pay $50 for this card, but the card does look really nice, even without the logos. Even If I had the money, I probably wouldn't buy it. Maybe at $30, or $40.


Why is it that these five star booklets sell so low? I would totally buy this card for $50! Paul Goldschmidt is another one of those superstar players that sell for nothing. Maybe when he wins his first MVP award his cards will go for more.


If only this card were not a sticker autograph, then maybe it would be more appealing to me. I would still probably buy it for $150 because it is Reggie Jackson.


This card is right in the middle of my buy it now, and my wait on it, list. The card is awesome... The price, not so much. I would definitely pay $50 for it! 


I would take this card any day for $15, and I wish I had $15 so I could buy it! Unfortunately, I'm broke. The Dutch Card Guy would certainly like this card! 
Thank you for reading! 

Go Yankees! 


  1. Thanks for making my mouth water, haha. That Rivera auto is beautiful, but then again, when aren't they?

  2. That Rivera is awesome ! And luckily the Dutch Card Guy already owns one of the other 10 Glavine cards :-))