Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tom's Cards

A few weeks ago, Tom from the blog, "The Angels In Order," made a post saying he had some coin cards from 1998 Pinnacle, and being that I love older inserts, I left a comment and claimed some cards. I haven't sent anything back, but I definitely will the next time I go to the post office!  

The first of 8 cards he sent, was of Tony Gwynn. It isn't an actual coin, it's more of like a stamp, but it's still a really cool card of a Hall Of Famer! 
The next card included in the lot was this Alex Rodriguez stamp card. I'm gaining a lot of respect for Alex, and he has definitely proven that he can still be productive even at an older age. This is a great card to add to my A-Rod collection! 
The first cards that I noticed when I first saw the post, were 3 Tino Martinez cards, one blank, one stamp, and one coin. I quickly claimed them, and I'm happy to add these to my collection! 

The blank one was my "least favorite," even though I liked all of them. This is also a really cool card, but the coin card is still my favorite.

These cards look amazing, and like I said before, I love older inserts. The inserts that Topps puts out now are the same old boring designs, but these inserts are definitely more unique!

I have yet to pick up a Chipper Jones autograph, but I've managed to get a button, and a bunch of base and inserts of Jones, so I'm definitely happy to add these two cards to my collection! 

And the coin...

The last card that Tom included was this Mark McGwire coin card. I don't collect McGwire, but McGwire was definitely up there with Bonds, Canseco, and all the other steroid Hall Of Famers. All these cards look amazing, and it was even more amazing of Tom to send these to me without asking for anything in return.
Thank you so much Tom, I'll definitely get a package out sometime soon! 

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