Saturday, May 2, 2015


I'm under the administration of my school, and can't do anything besides post, and comment. I can't even comment on bloggers with google +. I was wondering, am I able to switch to another google account, and still keep all my posts, views, followers, and everything that I had before? 

Thank you for all the help as always! 



  1. Frankie -- if you create another Google account and, in this blog, you go into the settings, there is a "blog authors" section where you can add an author. Add your new account as an author with Administrative privileges. That should allow you to keep this blog with all of the posts as it is now while still having the ability to post, change things, and all that.

  2. All what Tony said. I have my main email as the owner of my blog, and I have my 2nd email as an author with admin rights.

    1. Thank you for the idea, but I still can't do what I'm looking to do, and I can't go to settings and change anything when I add a person. Is there anything else that I could do?