Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Nolan Arenado 7 Years Later

I started collecting Nolan Arenado back in 2013 when the Rockies first brought him up and he was nothing more than an elite defender. By no means was he a bad hitter, but his glove was certainly the better of the two. It wasn't until a couple years later that I seriously started collecting Arenado, when he solidified himself as a true power hitter.

Fast forward a few years, Nolan was still hitting 40+ bombs a year while playing elite defense, so his prices had both the fortune and misfortune of skyrocketing. As his prices climbed higher and higher, I slowly started to sell off some cards of his that I had. I kept a good portion, but I enjoyed making a small profit off the ones that I did sell.

Hopefully in a couple months all of us will be able to enjoy watching Arenado perform some magic tricks at the hot corner.

This is a card that did end up staying in my collection, as I simply could not muster up the courage to let go of it. The "RADO" logo on the right side of the card more than makes up for the uninteresting sticker auto.