Thursday, December 3, 2015

More Dynasty!

Two weeks ago, I sent away my Greg Maddux deca booklet, and just last Friday, I received a card in return. I definitely didn't trade the Maddux for this card straight up, cash was involved on my end. I couldn't complain about that, since I liked the card I was receiving much much better than the Maddux. The Maddux autograph is on a sticker, and the booklet difficult to store. Not to mention the magnetics for booklets are $15! This is the last card of my mail week, and there's a reason I decided to show this one off last.

Reggie Jackson 2014 Topps Dynasty 1/1! So what, Reggie is in an Angels uniform, but the card looks amazing, and the Angels logo patch is awesome. I sold the other Jackson autograph that I had held onto for quite some time (the tier one acetate one), to help acquire this card. 2015 Topps dynasty baseball is coming out in a few weeks, but I'm a little skeptical about the design. A white back round with what looks like black sharpie, isn't too appealing to me. Maybe the cards will look better once the product actually comes out, but for now, I'm sticking with 2014 Topps dynasty. So far, I've acquired 3 dynasty cards, two being 1/1's, and I'm definitely looking to build on that!
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  1. Nice Reggie. You dont see too many Reggie relics in an Angels uniform.