Wednesday, December 2, 2015

80 From 1 For 1

The card featured in this post, cost me only about half what it should have. Over the past year or so, one of my main focuses has been Hall Of Fame autographs. Recently, I picked this card up, and to my surprise, it didn't break the bank!

Rod Carew 2015 Topps tier one prodigious patches autograph 5/5! This card is absolutely beautiful, and is definitely ranked among my favorites. I love the patch on this card, and being numbered /5, makes this card even more awesome. Prior to this, I hadn't had a Rod Carew autograph, so I'm very happy with this addition to my collection! I'd definitely like to get more prodigious patch autographs, but the price is a little too steep for more than one. Oh well, I'm definitely happy with this one, especially for this price I got it at!
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