Friday, October 9, 2015

eBay Mailday

A few weeks ago, I purchased one card off of eBay, that really caught my eye. I was thinking about the Greg Maddux autograph that I pulled from 2015 Museum Collection back in April, and I remembered that I still wanted to have a Maddux autograph in my collection. It would be pretty tough to beat the one that I pulled, but I was searching eBay, and one particular card, really caught my eye. No, it wasn't just a Maddux autograph, or just a Maddux patch.

Part one...

Part two...

Part three... And when you put them all together, you get this beautiful card:

The autograph isn't on card, but who cares! Greg Maddux is featured in a Cubs uniform, and the card also includes a great variety of patches. This one will be staying in my collection, unless I see a cheaper, more appealing, Maddux. I would've liked Maddux in a Braves uniform, but I'm definitely not complaining about this card!
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