Thursday, February 5, 2015

Learning More About The New York Yankees - #1

I did not come up with this idea, all credit goes to, "Red Cardboard!" Thank you so much for this awesome idea! Anyways, If I continue this daily, I should have over 1,500 of these, but I don't think that's going to happen. It may happen. On with #1!

Ray Francis
I honestly don't even know if this is a picture of Ray Francis, he has no pictures.

Ray Francis played for the Yankees for 1 year and had a 7.71 ERA in 4 games, and 4.2 innings pitched. He wasn't really known for his baseball ability's though. His only baseball card appeared in 1921 when he was pitching for Seattle in the Pacific Coast League. In 1922, Ty Cobb had warned him not to pitch inside to him, and he hit him with a fastball. Both of them fought, and then fought later outside the stadium, which I find very interesting. Francis also gave up a home run to Babe Ruth, and gave up to Lou Gehrig's first RBI, which I find really fascinating. Theres one thing that really stands out to me though. Ray Francis gave all of his baseball income to the needy, and bought clothes and pay bills for complete strangers. What he didn't do on the field, he made up for off the field! 

This only took me about 15 minutes, and it's something really fun to do! You learn something everyday! 
Thank you for reading!

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