Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grade "A" 90's Stars

In 1990, Ken Griffey Sr, and Ken Griffey Jr were on the same team, the Mariners. On September 14, 1990, the both Griffey's went back to back, becoming the first father and son to hit back to back home runs. 

This card features Ken Griffey Jr in a Mariners uniform, and is graded an 8.5 NM-MT. For some reason, graded cards feel so much better. Maybe it's because if I drop the card, It won't do it any harm...
Randy Johnson was a Yankee for 2 years, but didn't have the greatest years. He also just got inducted into the HOF this year. I really like the design of 1989 Donruss, and I think this card looks great. Although they could have picked a slightly better picture of Randy Johnson...

Here's another card of Randy Johnson, except it's graded from some weird company and made by The Merrick Mint, which I'm not too familiar with. Either way, it's still a cool card of a Hall Of Famer.

Another rookie card of a 2015 Hall Of Famer, this card is graded a 9 by BCCG. I never really liked Pedro Martinez, but he was an incredible pitcher.

I've had this card for a few years now, but never showed it. It's graded a 10 by BCCG, and it's of Hall Of Famer Cal Ripken Jr! I picked this up for around $10 at a card shop that's about 30 minutes from me.

This is one my favorite Jeter cards that I have in my Jeter collection. It's graded a 10 by BCCG, and it's Derek Jeter's second year card form 1997 score, and is the gold label version. I got this at a card show that's about 10 minutes from me, and they have it every month which is always fun to go to.

Okay, so maybe Mickey Mantle didn't play in the 90's, but I had this card in the pile and just thought I would show it off while it was with me. It's a cool card from 1996 Bleachers, and is graded a 10 by WCG.
I hope I made up my lack of blogging! Thank you for reading!

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