Wednesday, January 27, 2016


When was the last time I blogged? A month ago? Two months? All I know is it's been too long. I've never wanted to stop blogging, but 5 extra hours of math and language arts work a week has really taken up my time. I had plans to take a flight to Colorado next weekend to visit my sister, but the high school application test that I was going to take last weekend got postponed... So... I had to cancel my trip. I've stopped collecting for the most part, and haven't made a purchase or trade since the end of December. Shocking. Next week is the application test for the high school I want to get into, so after that everything should calm down quite a bit. For now, I want to show off a few recent cards I picked up.

I broke a box of 2014 panini classics on Christmas, which landed me this awesome Bill Dickey relic /25! Not to mention it's his jersey number, 8/25! As a lifelong Yankee fan, I really appreciate pulling this card. As crazy as it sounds I'd take this card over an autograph of a current superstar... Pack pulled cards always add a little sentimental value of course, so this will be one that stays in my collection!

My second hit from classics was this really cool Harold Baines autograph /10! I'm not really a fan of the plain design, but you can't go wrong with a low numbered autograph of an 80's and 90's star. Looking at his statistics, it does look like he belongs in the Hall Of Fame, but I never saw him play so I can't be the one to start that argument. 
Thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats, that Bill Dickey is a great piece of cardboard!

  2. Baines should be considered far more for the Hall than he has. He's mostly remembered for his stints as a DH, and I think that hurts the stats he has. While, in all honesty, I don't think he belongs there, to never get more than 5% of the vote is a shame.

  3. Baines was a good player, but you are right about the DH. Until they let Edgar Martinez in no other guy should even be considered.