Saturday, February 18, 2017

Aroldis Chapman 1/1 Nameplate

Baseball is back! Kind of. Opening day is still 43 days, but spring training is here (Thank God). I've picked up quite a few cards since the last time I posted which seems like forever ago. I ended up selling my Scully, and got a nice chunk of cash for it. I put that money towards some cards that I'd appreciate more, such as this Aroldis Chapman 5X7 1/1 nameplate!

I could care less that Chapman is shown on the Reds on this "card." It's a 1/1 nameplate for crying out loud!

After the Yankees acquired Chapman from the Reds last year, I went out and bought this 1/1 booklet. I sold it shortly after due to Chapman was traded.

And here's a scan of the monstrous card. Even though I don't agree at all with Chapman's contract, I'll enjoy watching him close out games in the Bronx in the next 5 years. If only 86 million wasn't spent on him...
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Such a cool card. If only you could find one more, then you could have "Cha Cha" right next to each other in your display case hahaha