Sunday, October 2, 2016

And That's The Season

The season didn't exactly go as planned for the Yankees; Alex Rodriguez was forced out of baseball, Carlos Beltran was traded for a hard throwing 22 year old, Andrew Miller was traded for 22 year old outfielder with lots of upside, and Aroldis Chapman was traded for a 19 year old shortstop. Lots of changes made for the New York Yankees. It will be a long 181 days until next April...

The postseason starts in 2 days, and hopefully I'll be watching the Orioles beat the Blue Jays in Toronto. Or in a perfect world, Jose Bautista would go 0-5 with 5 strikeouts. Either way it would be nice of the Orioles to send the Jays home early. If there's one team that I'd have to root for this October, it would probably be the Indians, especially since they are up against the Red Sox. If not the Indians, I think it would be fun to see the Cubs win it all. Speaking of the Cubs...

Here's the newest addition to my collection! Last years National League rookie of the year has put up   very impressive numbers this year, and it looks like he will be the MVP of the National League. I got this card for a very good price, and just in time for the postseason. I had always wanted a Kris Bryant autograph in my collection and I seized the opportunity to get one. It's not 2013 bowman chrome, but it's a cool card to have nonetheless. My plan is to hold onto it, but if the price keeps rising during the postseason and if the Cubs win the World Series... Well... Then I may change my mind. I can definitely see the price of this card rise if Bryant does well throughout the month of October. I'm really looking forward to October (and November) baseball!


  1. Whoa! Awesome card! I'm a big Bryant fan myself, and I do hope the Cubs can end the curse and win the WS...unless my Red Sox can send Big Papi off into the sunset with a fourth ring.

    Also, do you happen to need this Paul O'Neill card? I just picked it up on COMC. If you need it, let me know and I'll set it aside for you.

    The Collector

    1. I actually do! What are you looking for in return?

    2. I collect Red Sox, NJ Devils, and lots of other stuff. There's a list on my blog. But I'd be fine with a similar card of a similar player - auto or jersey, doesn't matter.

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