Friday, September 30, 2016

The Future Of Judge

When Judge came up to the big leagues on August 13th, he was the center of attention. After hitting 2 home runs within his first 2 games, including a first at bat homer, he seemed to be swinging at air. In 84 at bats, he struck out 42 times. I understand that he's young and this is his first year in the majors, but even for a young hitter a 50% strike out rate can't be too good. It was painful to watch. Hopefully next year he can turn the page and have a better year, because the Yankees are going to need his bat next year. I know one thing though, I don't want to watch a player that strikes out 50% of his at bats. While Judge was all hyped up, I pulled the trigger on this card that was on eBay:

This 2016 Bowman inception Aaron Judge 1/1 cost me a pretty penny, but at the time I thought it was worth it, and my offer was accepted. Right now though the price that I paid seems to be a tad high, but this card is staying in my collection so the price isn't what bothers me. I'd love if Judge didn't strike out 50% of his at bats! Next year the AL East won't be as tight (at least in my opinion) so I think the young Yankees have a chance at the division. Judge, Bird, Sanchez, Severino, and possibly Frazier will all play a large part in determining the outcome of the Yankees season. Tonight is also the last Yankees game I'll be attending this season.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice pick up.
    1 of 1's are always nice.
    Maybe Ill see it in person next yr if you submit it to BGS.

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