Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy 100th To Nolan!

At the age of 25, his fourth year in the big leagues, Nolan Arenado now has 100 career home runs. Also 3 gold gloves (soon to be 4), and a 2 time all star. Not too bad at the age of 25. Nolan Arenado is projected to have 43 home runs this year, which would give him 85 in the past two years. So I thought it'd be a good time to show off my Arenado haul from The National.

This one was a gift from Will, which I do not yet have in my collection!

This one was also a gift from Will, this awesome all star stitches relic card

Prior to The National, I had the regular autograph parallel /844, but this die cut was one of the autographs that I didn't yet have for my collection. I was able to trade for this one, so it was in the budget!

This was one of the first cards that I saw at The National, and it just so happened to be a bowman sterling autograph of Arenado that I didn't have. This one is numbered /125, and I'm pretty sure it's the green parallel.

This was one of the last purchases I made at the show, except this Arenado sterling autograph is numbered /99. I now only need the regular refractor autograph /150, the blue /25, purple /10, canary /3, and of course the superfractor. I've seen the blue on eBay, but I'm still hunting for the 3 lowest numbered autograph parallels. Maybe one of these days...
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