Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As all of you probably heard, the Yankees sent superstar reliever Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs in return for the #24 prospect Gleyber Torres, outfielders Billy McKinney and Rashad Crawford, and ex Yankee Adam Warren. That's a pretty good haul for someone that only has a few months left on his contract. Not to mention the Yankees likely wouldn't have been in contention, and most likely wouldn't have had any use for Chapman. For a closer that the Cubs will just rent, the Yankees got: a top prospect at a premier position with power and speed, an outfielder with potential, and a reliever/starter that was terrific for the Yankees in past years. Not only can Warren give the Yankees length, he's also very good. If I recall correctly he had a sub 2 ERA in the bullpen last year for the Yankees. Chapman's ERA is above 2 this year. So not only did the Yankees replace Chapman in the bullpen with Warren, they got a top 25 prospect and a top 100 prospect. I absolutely love this deal as a Yankee fan.

I think Yankees fans forgot how good Warren was for us, and if Warren can get back to his old self, the Yankees will be just fine without Chapman.

I liked the Warren+Ryan/Castro trade, but Warren was one of my favorites. Making his major league debut in 2012, pitching terribly, and coming back the next three years and being a key part in the bullpen for the Yankees. So the Adam Warren+Brendan Warren for Castro trade basically turned out to be Brendan Ryan for Starlin Castro.
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  1. Can't say I was in favor of this one... take care of Warren and Gleyber for us, please!