Monday, June 6, 2016

A Post Dedicated To The Yankees Backup Catcher

This title of this post, and the idea of this post, both came before Austin Romine got injured in the 9th inning of yesterdays game as Aroldis Chapman was warming up. He said he was ready if the Yankees needed him today, so the injury must not have been that serious. Brian McCann is back behind the plate, so Austin Romine is done starting for then next few games unless McCann gets injured again, which I wouldn't mind happening... As terrible as that sounds.

I bought this card off of eBay a few years ago, and it is still in my possession. Now that Romine is an active major leaguer, I plan on collecting him more. He's a cheap and fun player to watch, so collecting him won't be nearly as expensive as collecting Nolan Arenado. I guess your prices aren't super high when you don't hit 40 home runs a season...

Here's another card that I've had for quite awhile. I bought this off of eBay a few years back and it hasn't been moved since. I don't plan on selling any of my Romine autographs, even if his time as a Yankee (or a major leaguer for that matter) is limited. 

The final Romine autograph in my collection is this topps finest x-fractor relic. I bought this at a card show a few years back, and it hasn't been removed from the screw down holder since. Mostly because I've been too lazy to take it out... Maybe some day I'll take it out and put it in a magnetic instead.
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