Saturday, September 13, 2014

Top Headlines In The MLB

 Marlins playoff hopes fade

     After losing six out there last ten, the marlins playoff hopes start to fade. they are 6.5 games back of the second wild card spot and after losing all star Giancarlo Stanton to a head injury, there season may end in September. Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the head in a game against the Milwaukee Brewers, when Mike Fiers was pitching. He was immediately on the ground, his mouth bleeding, and by the look on Mike Fiers face, you could tell he was very sorry. They carried him off the Field on a stretcher, but Reed Johnson had to bat for Stanton because he swung at the pitch. The very next pitch, Mike Fiers hit Johnson in the hand and it was called a foul ball again. The benches cleared and Mike Fiers left the Field after throwing the ball down, giving the Marlins a look telling them he didn't mean to start anything. 

Yankees stay within 4.5 games from the second wildcard

     With a 3-2 win today against the Orioles, the Yankees manage to stay 4.5 games back for the second wild card spot. Shane Greene went 5.1 innings giving up two earned runs. One was an RBI single from Nelson Cruz, who has 102 RBI on the season, and the other was a home run from Steve Pearce, his 17th. Brian Mccann had a solo home run, the 19th of the season and only the third on the road. Antoan Richardson got his first RBI of his career then stole second which allowed Chris Young to take home giving the Yankees a 3-0 lead. If the Yankees want to make the postseason, they need to start scoring run because they have a very tough schedule ahead of them. After a four game set against the Orioles, they head to Tampa Bay to play a three game set, then head back to the Bronx for Blue Jays and then another four games against the first place Orioles. Derek Jeter's last home game will be Thursday the 25th. He is currently batting .251 with 40 RBI which is not what he expected.

Dodgers lose to Giants hold on to 1 game lead

     The Los Angeles Dodgers have been good all season long, but The San Fransisco Giants have been creeping up on them in the NL west, winning their last four games. Hyun-Jin Ryu has always been a reliable starter for the Dodgers, but last night he gave up five runs on four hits in the first inning. Chris Perez replaced Ryu in the second inning of what became a 9-0 game. The 27 year old southpaw, Hyun-Jin Ryu, will be examined today saying he had some stiffness and pain in his left shoulder. If the dodgers lose Ryu, it will put them in a tough place to find another starter. The LA Dodgers play another two games against the Giants, which could decide who will be contending for the wild card and who will take first place.

MVP and CY Young predictions

     Its always very tough to decide who will get the MVP and CY Young, but these are who i think will get the award. 
     AL MVP---Mike Trout for the LA Angles. He is the best player in the AL and probably in baseball. Trout has speed, power, and the ability to hit for average. Being rookie of the year for the AL in 2012, Trout has shown what he can do in the major leagues and will only get better in the future.
     NL MVP--- Clayton Kershaw for the LA Dodgers. He is the best pitcher in baseball with the lowest ERA, and also got his first no-hitter this year which some people say was the most dominating no-hitter in baseball. If it weren't for Hanley Ramirez, who made an error, it would have been a perfect game. Yes, pitchers dont usually win CY Young awards, but if its Clayton Kershaw, you know he has a good chance. 
     AL CY Young---  Felix Hernandez for the Seattle Mariners. He has the lowest ERA in the AL and has always been great whether he was pitching against the Astros or Angels. He's not as good as good as Kershaw, but will help the Mariners go for the second wild card.
     NL CY Young--- Clayton Kershaw for the LA Dodgers. If he doesn't win the NL CY Young award, then he must have had some REALLY bad starts near the end, because it's obvious that he will get the CY Young.

World Series Predictions

     To me, it seems that the Angels have to make the world series because they are so good and have such good players. In the NL it's a little harder to decide. I compare the Nationals to the Angels and if these two teams are in the world series, it will be a must watch. The Dodgers will fall short of the world series and i think a big part of that will be because they lost (or may lose) Hyun-Jin Ryu. The Angels are the best and most consistent team, so i think they will be the team to win the world series.

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