Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 playoff predictions

One Day Away!!!     

     Ive waited a VERY long time for the playoffs to start and now were ONE day away!!! I have an idea of who is going to be in the World series so here are my predictions:

AL wildcard- Royals win A's lose       

NL wildcard- Giants win Pirates lose

ALDS- Angles win Royals lose

ALDS- Tigers win Orioles lose

NLDS- Nationals win Giants lose

NLDS- Dodgers win Cardinals lose

ALCS- Angles win Tigers lose

NLCS- Dodgers win Nationals lose

World series- Angles win Dodgers lose

After the Dodger clinch the NL west

After the Angles clinch the AL west

     I'm not really sure what the best world series would be, but the Angles and Dodgers would be AWESOME!!! Tigers and Cardinals would be awful... I hope that doesn't happen!

Maybe Raul Ibanez can do what he did in 2012 with the Yankees...


  1. Bold Prediction: Royals go all the way dont lose a single postseason game.

    1. They can get away with the wildcard, but in the ALDS, its the Angles, who have the best record and best offense in the MLB. i'm not saying that the record matters, i think its James Sheilds in the wildcard so for game one i guess they would use Yordano Ventura and even thats dangerous... he's just a rookie. I guess we'll both find out tommorow what happens!

  2. holy dang i called that