Monday, December 15, 2014

Charity Group Break

Since the Christmas time is here (please read my other post too) I thought I would host a fairly cheap break. Heres how it works:

*1 spot is $10*

*Take a whole division for $45 (5 teams) unless a team(s) from that divison are already taken

*Random Teams*

The box only costs $138, but for everybody who joins, $300 will be made. I will put $38 towards the charity which makes the donation an even $200. 30 spots will be available, and it is $10 for one spot. This not only helps YOU with your collection, but it also helps other people in need. 

After you get your one spot (or however many you buy) you will also pick a charity that is not related to animals, and after I randomize the teams, I will also randomize your charity and put the $200 towards your charity for the winner. I know a lot of people probably wouldn't believe me, but nobody should lie about something like that, it's just not right in many many ways.

Note that once I reach a total of 25 spots, I will start the break and random the other teams off.

First off, I will take two spots, so I will be donating a total of $58 to the charity. 
1New York YankeesBloggerName Of CharityCats Or Dogs?
2Philadelphia Phillies

28 Spots Left
3Boston Red Sox

4Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

5Chicago White Sox

6Chicago Cubs

7New York Mets

8San Francisco Giants

9Minnesota Twins

10Detroit Tigers

11St. Louis Cardinals

12Los Angeles Dodgers

13Texas Rangers

14Colorado Rockies

15Atlanta Braves

16Seattle Mariners

17Milwaukee Brewers

18Baltimore Orioles

19Cincinnati Reds

20Houston Astros

21Oakland Athletics

22Washington Nationals

23Toronto Blue Jays

24Miami Marlins

25Arizona Diamondbacks

26Cleveland Indians

27San Diego Padres

28Pittsburgh Pirates

29Tampa Bay Rays

30Kansas City Royals
Thank You for everybody who joins! This seems like a good and fun way to raise money for people less fortunate than us, and hopefully I encourage others to do the same as me! 

If you want, you can also say if you like cats or dogs better just as a little extra thing.
This probably won't fill, but I do my best!
You can leave a comment, and also tell me if this seems like a good idea. Personally, this seems like a great way to raise money, and to spread the gift of giving.

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